What this souperb blog will be oil ABOUT

With 2 Greek sentences and a hint of how the Greek verbs worked I started my M.A. Thesis.
With 5 Greek sentences I started my PhD Thesis.
With 10 Greek sentences I started to translate Akis Petrezikis‘ A Piece of Cake.


Hello you ! Nice to meet you here at It’s oil Greek to me. I am currently learning Greek and with the help of this little souperb blog here I would like to improve my translation skills. I thought it would be easiest in the beginning to translate shorter texts and I thought cooking recipes would work best. They are not too long, (hopefully) linguistically not too difficult and suitable for everyday use. In the never ending expanse of the World Wide Web, I stumbled across a very talented and passionate young cook named Akis Petretzikis.  Being a hard working guy, he opened a café and a burger restaurant last year, which I find particularly remarkable in these critical times in Greece. Not being one of the Greek demi gods though, (I’m pretty sure he is one of those guys who’d leave the toilet seat up, squeeze the toothpaste in its middle and leave his socks scattered all over his place!), I think it would be a pity if his efforts remain unseen. So I will try to translate his recipes into English and German. 

There will be neither collaborations, nor advertisements, nor product placements or anything of that sort. Just me, my cook books (which I bought !!) and my dictionaries. Ok, ok, maybe I’ll test the recipes my translations for their ease of use, too. I’m curious if that is going to work out …



[Please note : This blog fulfills a pure educational assignment : To help me learn and translate the Greek language. No, the original recipes are NOT mine ! All rights remain with the author © Akis Petretzikis]